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The Design of Goodbye


A choice can change everything.

Five lines and twenty-six words are all it takes for Madison Winter’s life to change forever. 

No one knows her mother abandoned her the summer before senior year with only a letter as a goodbye, and she’s determined to keep it that way. 

Every night, Madison hides in her mother’s sewing room and focuses on the one thing she has left: designing a four-piece collection for the Harbor Fashion Show.


The problem? Her ideas are just as absent as her mother.

To make matters worse, she’s assigned high school outcast, Liam Strom, as her math tutor: a boy trying to forget the demons of his past, a boy that leaves her with more questions than answers, and a boy she can’t help but fall for.

As their relationship grows, Madison discovers Liam is harboring secrets far more serious than she realized. Desperate to not lose him, and armed with his trust, she promises to keep his secrets safe. 

But what happens when she’s forced to choose between saving Liam or keeping her promise?

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  • Bullying

  • Child abandonment

  • Child abuse

  • Panic attacks

  • Gun violence

  • Death of a parent

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